Welcome to the digital event Camp to the Future

Have you always wanted to take a trip in a time machine? Join us on a journey of discovery into the future of camping. On 13 January 2021, we organized this online event for all our camping partners. We look back on a successful evening. We congratulate the winners and nominees of the Camping of the Year Election once again with the achieved result. We wish all our partners a healthy and good camping season. See you next year at our event!

And to top it all off we've announced the names of the winning Campsites of the Year 2021.


Jaap van der Linden

Jaap van der Linden Business Owner
ANWB Camping

Marjon Kaper Director ANWB Travel

Loek van de Loo Camping entrepreneur

Richard van Hooijdonk Trendwatcher / futurist

During Camp to the Future we received questions for the speakers, but due to time constraints we weren't able to answer all of them. The speakers have provided answers to all questions asked. You'll find them at the end of this page.

The winners and nominees 2021!

For the past thirty years, ANWB Kamperen organise the Election Campsite of the Year. This year, almost 25,000 Dutch campers have made their voices heard in support of their personal favourite campsite!

Our viewers

During the broadcast we've asked you to send us photos of how you were watching the show, and many of you did! Please enjoy this selection of viewers watching Camp to the Future all across Europe!

Questions for the speakers:

Loek van de Loo

We have chosen for 1 activity: running owned campsites (no distribution for third parties anymore) and we think with a focused distribution activity for our ow accommodations we will manage to fill our capacity.

Yes, I follow with special interest the big campsite groups (like Capfun, Sandaya and Siblu) to see how they manage to keep and straighten the right client relationship on the long term.

I am convinced that if you want to grow or even maintain your business in the new world you need more distribution channels than only direct bookings, the costs of commission must be lower as the revenue of extra bookings.

Yes, there will be room for both, but the quality and the unique management of the family should make the difference.

Wat voor soort glamping-accommodatie zal volgens jou trending zijn?

I think this is a very important growing market, 50 plussers have a lot of money to spend and have a lot of time to travel.

In this period and in the future they are very important, as campers want to share less and less a toilet with others.

Not under the name of Greenkey, the desire of sustainability from the new generation of camping lovers is increasing.

The new glamping lover is looking for a new WOW experience, close to nature, in an unique accommodation, with country luxury. Connected to local environment and in contact with local people.

For sure, the market with multi-generation family holidays is growing. We manage this by introducing 4 rooms and 2 bath rooms accommodations. Another option is adding an extra tent for children besides a normal accommodation. The need of these families is to have the possibility of enough space so they can live separately together during holidays.


In past months there has been little to no room to promote winter camping due to the restrictions on travel abroad. By integrating all travel brands from ANWB under the ANWB brand, we will pay more attention to winter holidays in the future. Winter camping will be highlighted as part of these campaigns.

For 2021, the ANWB will focus on increasing the reach among campers and adding value to the card, which gives the camper the idea that he is unburdened and protected before, during and after their holiday. Because more people benefit from the advantages of the card, you as a campsite will also benefit from it. A big advantage over ACSI that you already have as a campsite at ANWB is you can determine your rates yourself.

We do indeed generate a lot of data and thus insights into the needs of the campers. We regularly share relevant insights in our partner newsletter. Last year, for example, we shared extensive insights into the influence of corona on the wishes of campers.