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We are happy to inform you about the entire program. It promises to be a great evening with both festive and informative elements. View the program here.

5pm Start programme

Jaap van der Linden

1 Opening

Opening video and speech by Jaap van der Linden, Business owner ANWB Camping

About Jaap van der Linden Jaap has held various positions during his 15 years at ANWB. For the last 4 years he has been the business owner of ANWB Kamperen, the Netherlands’ market leader in camping. ANWB Kamperen is tasked with reaching as many Dutch campers as possible with information, advice and relevant, personalised service; with ANWB members always enjoying the extra service that membership brings. ANWB is a truly well-established name in the domestic camping market and, as a result, has a wealth of knowhow and experience that we utilise every day to create connections between camping enthusiasts, ANWB and our business partners.

Retrospect 2020 - Theme video

2 In conversation with…

Loek van de Loo

Doing business in times of COVID-19 Video conversation with Loek van de Loo, camping entrepeneur

About Loek van de Loo Loek van de Loo is an entrepreneur with a proven track record in this sector. As the - now former - owner of Vacanceselect he grew the business from a single campsite on Lake Garda to an internationally operating holiday company. Loek also introduced unique glamping accommodation opportunities almost every year and was a pioneer in the field of international online camping portals. Since the acquisition of his business by French company Vacalians he has remained active in the holiday market, launching a new business - Vacanze Col Cuore - and providing glamping holidays in Italy and, as from 2021, in the Netherlands. When most of Europe’s borders closed in March this year, bookings dried up. How do you cope with a crisis like this when your key foreign markets fall away completely? The ANWB will be talking to Loek about the challenges faced by the camping sector in general and, in particular, in a time of corona.

Marjon Kaper

ANWB Camping and her activities Conversation between Jaap van der Linden en Marjon Kaper, director ANWB Reizen

About Marjon Kaper After obtaining her Civil Engineering degree at Delft University of Technology, Marjon joined ING bank’s management trainee programme. She worked at ING for 10 years, followed by a further 5 years with Rabobank. During this time she mainly held commercial managerial positions. At age 40 she moved to NS, the Netherlands’ main passenger rail company, spurred on by her passion for trains. Up until October 2017 she was director of NS International, the division responsible for international trains and international railway ticket sales. She joined ANWB in November 2017. As a director she is responsible for ANWB’s holiday and leisure products, including its tour-operating activities (under the FOX, Pharos, TravelHome and ANWB brands) and ANWB Kamperen (Camping) & Eropuit; the service for ANWB members who like to take walking or cycling trips in the Netherlands.

Newsroom - with reporter Mark Wijsman
Q and A Loek van de Loo

Camping van het Jaar

3 Campsite of the Year Awards – part 1

The loviest charm campsite in the Netherlands and abroad

The best small campsite in the Netherlands and abroad

Camping Key Europe

4 Certified CKE campsites

Special recognition to campsites that have done the most to provide excellent service to CKE cardholders.

Richard van Hooijdonk

5 The future: about the changes in our way of life, of working and of doing business

by Richard van Hooijdonk, trendwatcher and futurist

About Richard van Hooijdonk Trendwatcher and futurist Richard van Hooijdonk will take you on a journey to an inspirational future that will see fundamental changes in our way of life, of working and of doing business. Together with his international research team of 15 specialists, Richard closely monitors a wide range of trends day in, day out. In a 45-minute workshop, he will lift the veil on this changing world and also zoom in on specific trends in the holiday and camping sector. With new insights and a range of practical tips, Richard will show you how to take control and get ready to benefit from the change in demand. One of the questions he will answer is: how can I make my organisation futureproof? Richard will not only inspire you but also give you some concrete advice that you can put to practical use straightaway.

Jaap van der Linden

6 Campsite of the Year Awards - part 2

The highest rated rental accommodation in the Netherlands and abroad

The most enjoyable family campsite in the Netherlands and abroad

Campingfoto van het Jaar

7 Photography competition:
announcement of the winner

Which campsite has submitted the best campsite photo?

Mark Wijsman

8 General

Newsroom - with Reporter Mark Wijsman
Q and A Richard van Hooijdonk

Closing by Jaap van der Linden

7pm - 7:30pm The end