The 9 future camping trends

For a few years now, the ANWB has been looking into trends within camping. A number of the camping trends as well as new ways of camping definitely look set to continue into the future.
The coronavirus measures, which will remain in place for the time being, do however make it difficult to predict in which manner we will be going camping in the coming seasons. We’d like to take the opportunity to bring you the 9 camping trends for the years ahead that stand out the most.

1 Self-sufficient camping

The coronavirus outbreak has lead to a rise in self-sufficient camping. Tent campers are also taking a chemical toilet with them in addition to their own kitchen devices, so that they are no longer dependent on whether toilet facilities are open or not.

2 Trial camping

This previous year has witnessed many more people going camping for the first time ever. Many have become enthusiastic over this type of holidaying, and subsequently purchased a tent, pop-up camper or caravan. That trend is expected to continue in the years ahead; partly fuelled by positive experiences shared by people in their direct environment.

3 Multi-generational holidays

A clear trend is seeing the over-65s enjoying an increasing number of holidays with their grandchildren in addition to their own holidays, often staying at campsites for a week or more.

4 Sharing camper vans and caravans

Sharing within camping is becoming ever more popular. Parents are lending their caravans to their children, but there are also an increasing number of sharing platforms. A quarter of people who own their own camping equipment are now prepared to share their camping equipment, not just with acquaintances, but also with people they don’t know. It is becoming increasingly easy to lend or rent out privately owned equipment.

6 Increasing degrees of luxury

Not only motorhomes and caravans, but also pop-up campers are being equipped with an increasing degree of luxury features as standard. The possibilities for additional luxurious options are on the up too, and are being utilised more often.

7 Bamping

The counterpart of luxury camping, bamping, is also becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are interested in back to basics camping, getting back in touch with nature, and using little to no facilities, with an increased focus on sustainability.

8 Winter camping

A growing number of campsites are extending their season in line with demand, resulting in the figures for overnight campsite stays throughout the entire year going up. In addition, camping equipment is being constantly improved to facilitate all-year round use.

9 Road tripping

Whether it’s camping in a VW van or roof tent, venturing on a road trip in a camper van, or going ‘flex camping’: various different ways of taking a holiday, and putting together your own trip are on the up. For this purpose, more and more camping accessories are becoming available that are lightweight and sustainable.